Kung Fu Fitness

Don't just work out. Learn kung fu!


Our Kung Fu Fitness class is a modern, all-levels fitness class based on the ancient martial art from the Shaolin Temple. The class utilizes the easily-accessible techniques and principles of kung fu to create a fun, effective, and mentally-engaging fitness class. We’ll use traditional methods to train power, strength, flexibility, coordination, focus, and self-defense. No martial arts experience necessary!

How it's Different than the Kung Fu Curriculum

Because this class stresses fitness, rather than Shaolin-Do's expansive curriculum of forms and weapons, it is a low-overhead way to try kung fu for the first time, expand another mind/body practice like yoga, or get back into training if it’s been a while.

It's also a lower-cost alternative to our full curriculum! The Kung Fu Fitness package allows you to affordably access the class every weekend. Then if at any time you want to deepen your practice, we continue to offer our standard Shaolin-Do Curriculum package that runs during the week. It includes the Saturday class but adds a belt-ranking system that rewards dedicated practice.​


Saturdays, 12-1:30pm. Contact us to participate in a free trial class!

Like the monks of the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin-Do uses fitness-training to benefit not only our physical strength, but our internal fortitude as well.