Tai Chi Curriculum

After at least a month of the Tai Chi Foundations class, or the equivalent in private lessons or seminars, you have the option of moving into the intermediate Tai Chi Curriculum class.

Here you will first deepen your Tai Chi knowledge through the practice of the Yang style 24-posture form. As with all Tai Chi, you will still be focusing on breath and meditation, but now longer series of movements will be linked together to allow you to flow through multiple postures. Memorizing and integrating these longer forms into your body keeps you interested in your Tai Chi practice which keeps you practicing and thus improving your health and mindfulness.   

Also, you will start learning the martial applications of the movements. Tai Chi Chuan, after all, was designed as a martial art. Whether you care to use Tai Chi as self defense or not, understanding the applications will give you a deeper connection with the movements and why they were originally created. Training these applications also promotes joint and muscle health.  

After the 24-posture form is learned, you can move on to more advanced forms and breathing practices. The Shaolin-Do Tai Chi curriculum, passed down through our Grandmaster Sin The (pictured), has more than enough material to keep you interested in your Tai Chi practice for a lifetime. From weapons forms like sword and fan, to 64-posture forms, and even the circle-walking of pa kua (baguachang), there will always be something exciting and fresh to keep you coming back for more.


This class is taught by 3rd-Degree Black Belt Sifu Brian and meets Uptown at the Cypress Fitness gym, Saturdays from 10-11am.

Contact us for more details on this class, or any of the available options for learning the ancient and amazing art of Tai Chi.