Visiting New Orleans Shaolin-Do

Although New Orleans is well-known for its laid-back attitude and good times, you may be surprised to learn that the Crescent City also offers a vibrant and growing health and wellness community. Shaolin-Do is proud to have been offering ancient martial arts training to the local community for over 15 years.

Our classes aren't only for locals though. As a visitor to the city, you can try our drop-in weekend classes to not only get a good workout, but learn kung fu and tai chi skills that will easily translate into your everyday life back home. These classes are a fun and wholesome activity to share with your friends, or as a work-trip team-building exercise.

To start your weekend with relaxation, breathing, and chi kung (or qigong) exercises, try our super-accessible Tai Chi Foundations class.

If, instead, you want an intense, sweat-fueled, workout where you learn self-defense and how to generate power with your body, drop into the Kung Fu Fitness class. Both of these classes are self-contained and are open to all levels, making a fun atmosphere for long-time trainees and total beginners alike.

Drop-in Classes

Tai Chi Foundations – Saturdays 10-11am.

Kung Fu Fitness – Saturdays 12-1:30pm.

Drop-in price: $15


Come a few minutes early to either class to sign-up and meet the instructor. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and bring a small towel and a bottle of water.