Hsing Ie Chuan

The origin of Hsing Ie Chuan (Xing Yi Quan), or "Fist of Will", or "Mind Form Fist", is uncertain. It is at least five hundred years old and some of the sources for the animal forms can be traced as far back as AD 200.  No one person is given credit for the creation of Hsing Ie and, in fact, it seems to be the cumulative effort of more than a dozen masters.

Unlike Tai Chi and Pa Kua, Hsing Ie is direct, linear, and powerful. However, since the focus is on full-body integration and exploding internal power, previous study of Tai Chi and Pa Kua is advantageous to ensure against the student over-emphasizing the hard, external characteristics of Hsing Ie. Instead, it should be thought of as a bridge between internal and external styles. While Tai Chi and Pa Kua are evasive and seek to use less force to divert a greater force, Hsing Ie Chuan meets force with equal or greater force. There is no retreat and the straight line is the shortest and fastest line of attack.

This advanced martial art is taught at the 2nd Degree Black Belt level of our Kung Fu curriculum. To fast track it by focusing solely on Hsing Ie Chuan, contact us to schedule private training sessions.