NOLA Instructors

  • Joseph Meissner

    Head Instructor, 4th Black, Feb 2010

    Sifu Joseph Meissner, Head Instructor, is a fourth degree black belt who has taught Shaolin-Do since 1997. He holds a bachelor's degree in Theatre, Speech, and Dance from Brown University and has completed graduate work in creative writing at UNO. He studies Shaolin-Do under 7th degree Senior Master Joe Schaefer of Austin, TX.

  • Brian Adams

    Senior Instructor, 3rd Black, Feb 2011

    Brian Adams, Senior Instructor and Head Instructor of the kids program at Cypress in the Lower Garden District, began his Shaolin-Do studies in 1999 with Sifu Miles Thomas at UC San Diego, where he earned his B.S. in biology. He co-owns and operates Cypress Fitness.

  • Dr. Isolde Butler

    2nd Black, Feb 2010
  • Sam Killpack

    Senior Instructor, 2nd Black, Aug 2014

    Originally from Alabama, Sam has been living and training in New Orleans since 2010. He graduated from Auburn University and works as a Software Engineer. He loves how Shaolin-Do not only helps keep him fit but deepens his practice of meditation and self-discovery as well.

  • Khalil Ferdinand

    2nd Black, Dec 2014
  • Christine Robert

    2nd Black, Dec 2014
  • Isabel Theriot

    1st Black, Dec 2012

    Raised between two chemical plants in LaPlace, Isabel was eager to escape the suburbs and fled to New Orleans. She dabbled in the film industry and now cleans other people’s messes with eco-friendly products. Isabel has become a stronger person through practing kung fu and is more confident about her ability to tackle everyday challenges calmly and patiently.

  • Mark Wilson

    1st Black, June 2016
  • Christi Schott

    1st Black, June 2016
  • Nate Claycomb

    1st Black, August 2016, Head Instructor Kids Program Bywater
  • Carlos Salazar

    1st Black, September 2016

    Carlos has been training in Kung Fu for the last 3 years and wished he would have started earlier. Native to New Orleans, graduate of University of New Orleans, and Holy Cross High School, Carlos loves to spar and train using the many animal techniques. Particularly the Tiger and Bird forms and Tai Chi which […]

  • Steve Brantley

    1st Black, August 2016

    Originally from Texas, Steve has been living in New Orleans 12 years. "I have taken my share of non-healthy paths in life to try to fill internal voids and each was met with some form of disappointment. Shaolin-Do has been part of my healthy movement. I have seen progress mentally, spiritually, and physically. I see this […]

  • Sabah Rainey

    1st Black, August 2016
  • Rhiannon Rainey

    1st Black, August 2016