The Shaolin-Do kung fu curriculum is rich in the use of traditional weapons. In fact, at each belt level we introduce at least one new weapon and continue learning more advanced forms of weapons introduced at lower levels.

Traditional Weapons in Modern Times

Despite the modern prevalence of guns, training with traditional weapons has remained a popular and relevant activity. Plus, learning how to wield one of these weapons is just plain fun!

Weapons are external to the body. This means that mastering them requires the mind to fully integrate the weapon as if it were actually part of the body. Thus, this type of training has the interesting effect of literally expanding your awareness and sense of self. The more weapons you learn to use and, ultimately, master, the more your awareness grows. This serves as a perfect complement to the empty-hand forms we also learn in Shaolin kung fu. 

In terms of self-defense, a key way to stay safe is by being able to use everyday objects that exist around you. By having trained in many shapes and sizes of weapons, you'll be better prepared to effectively defend yourself with any simple object you can get your hands on.

Weapons Training at Shaolin-Do

As students move through our kung fu or tai chi curriculums, they continue to learn new weapons or build upon previous training. Before a student reaches black belt, they've already trained in bo staff, nunchaku, short stick, broadsword, sais, and kwon tao (sword-halberd). As a black belt, students learn spear, dagger, straight-sword, chain-whip, and many many more! Our tai chi program focuses first on sword, but then moves to the fan, dagger, and even broadsword! The weapons provide another way of keeping a student entertained and interested in their training and keeps them coming back year after year as their health and discipline continues to improve. Contact us to try a free trial class to begin the journey of traditional Chinese weapons today!

If you have previous experience with a certain weapon and want to continue training in it specifically, or are only interested in a certain one, personal training can be designed to focus solely on that weapon. Not only will you be able to advance rapidly in your proficiency of fighting skills, some weapons have chi kung and strength-building exercises that go along with them as well. Contact us to fast-track a particular weapon in personal training sessions!