Shaolin-Do Summer Sign-up Special: $250

Get started down the path of Shaolin martial arts with:

  • 3 months of unlimited kung fu, tai chi, and self-defense classes. (This is roughly the time it takes to earn a yellow belt so you'll be well on your way.)
  • durable white official uniform (gi)
  • official Shaolin-Do patch containing the symbols for our slogan: "Hardest of the hard. Softest of the soft."
  • 40% off original value of $405

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The Way of Shaolin Martial Arts

Shaolin martial arts were developed in a collection of Buddhist and Daoist temples in China.

Shaolin-Do, or "The Way of Shaolin", is a continuation of these ancient arts into modern day with high-quality instruction in several weekly classes. 

Shaolin Kung Fu

  • belt-ranking system through the Shaolin-Do curriculum 
  • powerful striking and kicking
  • hands-on applications
  • forms from many styles: tiger, white crane, mantis, drunken boxing
  • weapons training: staff, nunchaku, sword
  • bodyweight strength training
  • safe sparring
  • cool-downs and meditation

Tai Chi (taijiquan)

  • gentle flowing movements
  • standing meditation
  • body scans
  • qigong

Self Defense Fitness

  • basic strikes and kicks
  • basic hands-on applications
  • conditioning
  • cool-downs and meditation

Kids Kung Fu - focus on fun and fitness

Like the monks of the Shaolin Temple, we use martial arts training to benefit not only our physical strength, but our internal fortitude as well. 

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Train the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Living in New Orleans, we need a positive space in our lives to work on improving ourselves and restoring our spirits in a healthy and supportive atmosphere.

Our martial arts program offers a time-tested, structured path to:

  • strength
  • mindfulness
  • efficient use of energy
  • health
  • fitness
  • agility
  • renewed self-confidence
  • personal safety

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Friendly, Supportive, Inclusive

We know martial arts can sometimes seem intimidating or macho, but at New Orleans Shaolin-Do, we strive to make our studio a place where all people, especially those marginalized in broader society, can feel welcome and safe as they work to empower and cultivate themselves.

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Personal Training

New Orleans Personal Training for Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Kettlebells, Fitness, and Meditation.

Personal training sessions can be customized to your goals and needs, and scheduled at your convenience. Scheduling regular sessions with your trainer will help you prioritize fitness in your weekly routine, and motivate you to follow through in caring for yourself and your health.