Shaolin Kung Fu

Living in New Orleans, we need a positive space in our lives to work on improving ourselves and restoring our spirits in a healthy and supportive atmosphere. Shaolin-Do, or "The Way of Shaolin", offers a time-tested, structured path to health, fitness, renewed self-confidence, personal safety, and mindfulness. Like the monks of the Shaolin Temple, we use martial arts training to benefit not only our physical strength, but our internal fortitude as well. 

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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi (taijiquan) is practiced either as an advanced martial art or for its health benefits.  


Self Defense Fitness distills the most practical and easily-accessible techniques into an effective self defense program while keeping the humble and non-macho atmosphere of traditional kung fu. You'll learn how to use your body in a forceful way and keep your mind calm in stressful situations. No martial arts experience necessary!

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Personal Training

New Orleans Personal Training for Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Kettlebells, Fitness, and Meditation.

Personal training sessions can be customized to your goals and needs, and scheduled at your convenience. Scheduling regular sessions with your trainer will help you prioritize fitness in your weekly routine, and motivate you to follow through in caring for yourself and your health.