Calm the mind. Relax the body. Sink.

These are the goals of practicing Tai Chi Chuan, whether it’s being learned as an advanced martial art, or simply for the various mental and physical health benefits.

Increasingly in life, we are more attuned to what we are thinking rather than the sensations occurring in our bodies or coming in through our senses. Tai Chi remedies this by building awareness of what is happening in the present moment so movement can be energy-efficient and perfectly-timed.

Tai Chi training is recommended if you are:

  • a practicing martial artist or athlete – Increasing internal awareness can greatly increase speed and efficiency of motion.
  • a senior – Downward orientation and slow, conscious stepping promote balance and leg strength to keep you graceful and grounded.
  • strength training – Joint-opening exercise and coordinated, flowing movements keep you loose and supple as you add mass and strength.
  • anxious/stressed-outDeep breathing and mindfulness give you reliable tools to calm the mind and relax a tense body when you need it most.
  • injured – Tai Chi’s gentle manner and movements promote blood and energy flow to increase your body’s ability to heal.
  • uncoordinated – Slow, controlled movements and joint isolation exercises connect the mind and body, increasing ability to move smoothly and with purpose.

If you are looking for more vigorous and physically-demanding training, or to get in shape with a fun fitness regimen, we recommend our time-tested Shaolin Kung Fu program.

At New Orleans Shaolin-Do, there are different approaches one can take to learn the ancient art of Tai Chi:

Tai Chi Foundations –¬†beginner-level group class

  • focuses solely on the health and wellness aspects of preliminary Tai Chi training: breathing, meditation, opening tight joints, and mindful movement
  • improves coordination, balance, mind-body connection, and mental focus
  • gentle enough for seniors and people with injuries!
  • see schedule

Tai Chi Curriculum¬†–¬†intermediate group class that assumes foundational Tai Chi knowledge

  • learn series of Tai Chi movements or “forms” from Shaolin-Do’s expansive internal curriculum
  • practice hands-on partner drills to test grounding and balance
  • specific stretching and strength-building like Horse Stance (shown)

Private Instruction – for an individual, small group, or corporate event

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