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New Orleans Shaolin-Do Services

New Orleans Shaolin-Do Gift Certificate

Give someone the gift of health, wellness, and confidence with this gift card. Can be used for classes, private lessons, merchandise, or seminars.

Shaolin Arts Online
1-Month Beginner Program

Everything you need to get started down the path of Shaolin has been distilled into a series of videos and systematically organized them into a curriculum. The program starts pretty easy and builds in intensity. It includes 2-3 recommended workouts per week so it's not too overwhelming but gets you started at a fairly serious pace.

Clothing and Accessories

New Orleans Shaolin-Do T-shirt - $25

Show your New Orleans Shaolin-Do pride with this soft style jersey t-shirt!

Shaolin-Do Patch - $5

Get Shaolin-Do patches for your uniform.

Feiyue Lightweight Martial Art Shoes High-top - $35

These shoes are highly recommended for home practice or even normal daily wear. Their "zero-drop" sole and flexible rubber and canvas design let you feel the ground and strengthen your feet. Available in black or white.

Feiyue Lightweight Martial Art Shoes Low-top - $25

These shoes are highly recommended for home practice or even normal daily wear. Their "zero-drop" sole and flexible rubber and canvas design let you feel the ground and strengthen your feet. Available in black or white.


Middleweight Gi (Standard) - $40

Our standard training gi. Very durable.
Can also buy just pants or top for $20 each.
Available in white or black (for black belts only).

Wacoku Heavyweight Gi - $75

Top of the line martial arts uniform. Two sided brushed fabric provides a smooth feel and excellent flexibility. Double stitched throughout, 100% cotton. Traditional drawstring waist. Expert craftsmanship and durable materials ensure a long lasting, quality product. 14 ounce heavyweight uniform is comfortable and does not inhibit your range of motion.

Available in white or black (black belts only).

Kids Gi with Logo - $25

Standard lightweight gi for kids. Printed with the Shaolin-Do logo on the back.

Practice Weapons

Bo Staff - $40

Heavyweight solid red oak staff. Black stain. Available in 5' or 6' lengths.
Required at Yellow Belt.

Carved Dragon Nunchaku (nunchucks) - $15

Wooden with carved dragon.
Required at Blue Belt.

Premium Black Nunchaku with Carved Grips- $25

Carved handles and glossy finish promote easier handling. Golden dragons printed on handles.
Required at Blue Belt.

Short Stick - $20

Heavyweight red oak short stick. Black Stain.
Required at Green Belt.

Shaolin Broadsword w/ Soft Case - $55

Firm blade.
Required at 3rd Degree Brown Belt.

Stainless Steel Broadsword w/ Wooden Case - $110

Heavyweight stainless steel blade. Dark Wooden Case. Blade stands straight on tip.
Required at 3rd Degree Brown Belt.

Sai (pair) - $40

Round iron sai with electroplated finish. Made of forged steel with leather-wrapped handles.
Sold in pairs. Comes in black or chrome. Case sold separately ($24).
Required at 2nd Degree Brown Belt.

Kwan Dao - $195

Premium Dragon head Kwan Dao. Stainless steel with engraved dragon. 8 lbs. 2 pieces for easy transport. Soft case included.
Required at 1st Degree Brown Belt.

Spear - $60

White wax wood traditional spear with tassel.
Required at 1st Degree Black Belt.

Rosewood Straight Sword - $95

Stainless steel blade. African Rosewood handle. Hard case.
Required at 2nd Degree Black Belt.

7 Stars Straight Sword - $120

Stainless steel blade with tassel. Hard case.
Required at 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Wooden Straight Sword - $25

Low-cost option for practice.

Twin Ring Daggers (pair) - $30

Steel chrome-plated. 12" length.
Optional 1st degree Black Belt weapon.

Sparring Gear and Training Accessories

Sparring Gloves - $25

Made of durable vinyl, these gloves employ an open finger design for versatile self-defense or grappling training. Oversized velcro fastener around wrist allows easy adjustment. Available in black or red.

Sparring Boots - $25

These boots provide all-around coverage for the foot and ankle with quality vinyl covered foam. For better balance and mobility, the bottom of the kicks are left open. An elastic strap with a hook and loop (Velcro) closure wraps around the ankle to provide a comfortable, secure fit. Available in black or red.

Cloth Shin Guards - $10

Constructed using flexible and light weight materials, making it comfortable and easy to wear. Spandex fabric promotes ventilation, and sponge padding absorbs excess moisture.

Exterior Cup - $10

A hard plastic shell is padded with foam and then enclosed in a strong vinyl exterior, making it very durable. Elastic waistband and support straps ensure a good, secure fit. Worn over the uniform.

Kick Shield - $80

Our standard kick shield from class for partner striking and kicking.

Ambidextrous Focus Mitt - $25

Our standard focus mitt from class.

Adidas Hand Guard - $45

Small, lightweight protection.

Adidas Foot Guard - $45

Small, lightweight protection.

Youth Practice Weapons

Rubber Nunchaku (nunchucks) - $15

Required at Blue Belt.

Lightweight Short Stick - $15

Required at Green Belt.

Youth 9-Rings Kwan Dao $135

Traditional quality Stainless Steel. Firm blade 5" x 24". Overall length 5' 10". Weighs 5 lb 12oz.
Required at 1st Degree Brown Belt.

Health Products

Iron Palm Medicine (Dit da jow) - $30

Includes 3 different medicines to be used after sparring or Iron Palm training. "A" is a topical liniment called "iron hit wine" that helps bruising. "B" is also a topical liniment that is strengthens the bones. And "C" is an edible medicine that improves overall healing ability taken a pinch at a time. 4oz bottles of A and B. 1/4 cup of "C".

Sale Items

Used Century Rubber Training Mats - $12 each

We're selling the mats from the studio and getting new ones. Use these for training in your house or garage. 40"x40". In blue or black. Originally $45 each.

Kick Shield (Extremely used but functional) - $10

We've ordered new kick shields for the studio so we're selling off some of the old ones.

Vinyl Head Gear (used but like new) - $10

We never ended up using these at the studio, so we're getting rid of them to save space.

Kusarigama - $10

Japanese ninja chain-sickle weapon. Handle screws into sickle to hide chain.

Coaching Pad - $10

Was still in packaging. Unused.

Knee Pads - $5

Unused. Size Large.

Tai Chi Shoes, Size 4 - $5

European size 35.

Kung Fu Shoes - $5

Size 9

Cane - $10

Can be used for Stick of the Northern Beggar (short stick) form from green belt.

8-sectional Chain Whip (extremely used but functional) - $5

3rd Degree Black belt weapon, but fun to play with!