Kids Kung Fu


We now have TWO LOCATIONS for children's classes: our main location, 4210 Saint Claude Ave in the Bywater, and Cypress Fitness at 625 Celeste St., Suite 400 inside the Landing Zone Building!

  • Separate from adult classes; for kids ages 6-12
  • Kids learn at a pace suitable for each individual
  • Emphasis is on attaining goals, fun with fitness, and self-defense
  • Children learn the same curriculum as adult students but at a slower pace
  • Multiple experienced instructors for more one-on-one instruction
  • Come watch a class and try one for free!
"Our focus is not winning tournaments, but in using martial arts as a tool to develop traits that carry over into every aspect of life; Will Power, Personal Power, Self-Respect, and the Self-Confidence to reach for and achieve their dreams." – Master Joe Schaefer

What will my child be doing in class?
Each class begins with some simple warm up exercises and stretches. Children learn a progression of basic stances, kicking, and punching exercises. They are also taught simple, effective self-defense techniques. Soon they will be doing more complicated movements (katas) which incorporate combinations of movements and left/right coordination and are more intricate and challenging than anything taught in karate or tae kwon do. Studies have shown that this type of activity increases the left/right coordination of the brain as well! Even the seemingly most uncoordinated of children develop improved balance & coordination by studying kung fu.

Why enroll your child in Shaolin-Do?
In addition to improved balance, flexibility & coordination, Shaolin-Do teaches children important values about respect, work ethic, and dedication to effort. It transmits wonderful qualities of self-esteem, mental focus and discipline. In our program, children find pride in their abilities and in working toward fitness goals. Best of all, they have a great time!! We are not however, militaristic in our teaching. We don't demand respect – we work to earn it.

Also, parents of kids enrolled in the kids' program get 50% off enrollment in the Adult Kung Fu program!


The Schedule New Orleans beginners kids' classes meet at two locations, Bywater and the Lower Garden District. Each program has a separate enrollment so you'll need to stick to one location. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis for two weekly classes. Of course the pace at which your child progresses in the material will be greater if they attend more classes. View our Rates page to see monthly prices.

To Watch or Try a Free Class – contact us to schedule a free trial class (no obligation to join). This gives you all the opportunity to meet the instructors and see if you and your child like the class, atmosphere and teaching style. Just put the young martial artist in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and arrive a few minutes early.

Contact us to schedule a FREE trial lesson.